If I am in a fixed term lease, can i terminate my lease?
Answer: As per Section 41 of the Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement, if a tenant ends a fixed term before the expiry it is considered a break lease in which penalties do apply.

If the fixed term is three (3) years or less, 6 week rent penalty if less than half of the term has expired OR four (4) weeks penalty in any other case
How much notice do i have to provide when vacating?
Answer: A tenant must provide in writing, fourteen (14) days notice within a fixed term. Notice can be given at any time up until the fixed term but cannot take effect until the term ends.

If the lease has expired, the required amount of notice is twenty-one (21) days and must be in writing.
Who pays for water usage?
Answer: If there is no individual meter for the rented premises, as in the case of blocks of older style units, a tenant cannot be changed for water usage.

However, the tenant is responsible for any cost of water used during the tenancy if the property has an individual water meter and has legally prescribed water efficiency devices.
What is the average tenancy length?
Answer: For residential properties, the fixed term is usually 6 or 12 months.
How do i report repairs?
Answer: Repairs must be reported in writing to reception@vqre.com.au OR through our Repairs/Maintenance Report on our website.
Does the agency have a dedicated property management department and how many staff will be looking after my property?
Answer: Yes, Village Quay Real Estate have two separate teams for both Property Management and sales. You will be assisted by the Licensee: Daniel Gagliardi, Property Executive: Lara Zhong, Leasing Manager: Nathan McKeown, Trust Accountant: Raymond Wong and Customer Service Representative: Denise Liu
Do you have Chinese speaking staff?
Answer: Yes, 我们这里有会说国语,广东话和英文的职员会很乐意帮助您

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