Decorating for the new year

With the New Year comes the opportunity to freshen up your life including your household. Think about these secrets which we uncovered to spruce up your home, or add different accents which you didn’t know existed.

1. Wallpaper: Adding hints of wallpaper to interest spots can spice up any room. You can add this to the top of your shelves, the inside of the book case, or even on your closet doors. This could include a splash of colour, or even some stripes to give the room a more structured feel. Be Creative!

2. Rugs, rugs everywhere!: Add rugs around your home even in the bathroom. Rugs are a great way to tie in different colours and make the home have a more textured feel. The bathroom is a great idea as this takes away the bath mat which can sometimes detract from your decor.

3. You can never go wrong with lighting: The more the merrier ambiance. By creating shadows and different hues of light, you can add life to a room without cluttering it.

4. Coffee Tables: Think of clever ways to tie in  your own style in the larger pieces in your room. For smaller spaces you could double your coffee table as an ottoman with a tray on top for versatility.

5. The little things: Adding a skirt to different couches and chairs can give them a more “grounded” feeling. Sometimes too many legs of these pieces can make the room feel tense.

6. Accents: Choose a colour to tie in your rooms in your home. This can be small hints of a metallic, white or black. Try to have it subtle, yet this will serve as making all rooms seem interconnected in style.

7. Plants, plants and more plants!: Adding a plant to a room can make it feel more alive and adds another component of colour.

8. Refurbish vintage finds: Adjusting these pieces to the overall style of a room can provide different feels in typically modern homes.

Try these helpful hints for the New Year to make your home feel fresh and styled out for 2015.

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