Tips to Organise the Kid’s Room

Toys and clutter may describe your children’s room. Follow these tips to create an organised space that is easy to clean for you and your children. Asking them to clean their room won’t seem like such a chore which will make your life easier.

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Tips for Entertaining

You can host a movie night, dinner party, barbeque etc. Do not confine your entertaining to the cliché, but rather incorporate your style and personality in the way you choose to entertain your guests.

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Unpacking Tips

It is safe to say that unpacking isn’t anyone’s favourite task after a long and tiring move. The move might be made easier if you follow these easy tips to ensure smoothness of the entire process.

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Property Tip: Seek out Urban Hubs for Investment Growth

Earlier this month, property guru John McGrath shared on a series of Themes that are currently driving the Sydney Property Market. One of the most interesting to the RKRG team was his insights into the importance of Urban Hubs.

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Spring Cleaning Tips

The summer months are almost amongst us, and there is no better feeling than decluttering your home in the spring, so when summer rolls around you are free to venture off to the beach without household worries.

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Keep your Home Safe Over the Holidays

The holidays are a happy time with friends and family with plenty of time to relax and eat. Keep your home safe over this special time with these helpful tips.

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Keep your Home Cool this Summer

The summer months are amongst us and sometimes our initial inclination is to turn up the air conditioning as fast as possible. Yet the voice in our head reminds us of the environment and the price of pumping that cold air. Follow these easy tips to keep your home as cool as possible during the day so that air conditioning is most effective.

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How to Evaluate Real Estate Property for Investment

Evaluating a real estate property can be a really tough task for the uninitiated. Knowledge of the markets and specific education and training in the field of Land Valuation and Management is needed in order to arrive at a correct value for a property.

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NSW Apartments: Why should you invest in one?

Owning a house has always been the great Australian dream. While it’s marvelous to entertain the thought of having your own house with your own lot, roof, lawn, and garage, having your own apartment might be an excellent alternative to living a lifestyle of convenience in the long run.

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Moving into Your New Apartment Made Easy

Moving into your new apartment is always met with excitement and anticipation. There’s the new house to decorate, furniture to rearrange, and new neighbours to meet. But without careful planning, moving into your new apartment can be a stressful, and sometimes frustrating, ordeal.

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